Do Not Sell Internationally on Ebay Until You Learn These 7 Steps.

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3DSellers / 7 Key Tips for International Selling on eBay

Below are some of the key differences between private selling and business selling. Take a look to see which of the two will better suit your selling habits.

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Just follow these steps:. Listing an item and getting a sale, however, are not the same thing. Have a browse through the listings for items that are similar to the goods you are selling and compile a list of market averages for each one.

Selling on Amazon vs Ebay | Where to Sell & Why

This will give you a good idea of how much you should be listing your item for. Be as specific as possible here. This is the go-to choice for businesses, as it lends better to projecting revenue. Selecting "Add collection in person" gives the buyer the option of collecting their parcel from a local store instead of having it delivered directly to their address, which some buyers may prefer if they're out of the house the majority of the time and, therefore, aren't available to accept deliveries.

5. eBay vs. Amazon: Products

Before you send your item, ensure that the buyer has actually paid for it. Check that their credit card or PayPal has been accepted and that the full amount has been credited to your account. If you opt to save money by booking an independent courier service, there are a few steps you should take to ensure delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you just want to declutter, raise money for a holiday or start your own ecommerce business, learning how to sell on eBay is the first step in making some extra cash online.

If you do plan on selling a number of items on eBay, its worthwhile signing up for Smart Send , our free, no fuss ecommerce shipping solution. Smart Send can be integrated with your eBay account giving you more control over your listing whilst saving you time and money. If eBay is the start of your own business, take a look at our blog post about parcel delivery for small business for more tips to help you along the way. By visiting and using this site, you consent to the privacy policy , and placing of cookies by Parcel2Go. Currently eBay has 23 international sites and is accessible in over countries worldwide.

Why would you not want to dip into that overseas business? To do this, though, you need to learn a few tips and options. The following should help you get this accomplished. The first step is to always have a plan in place. Follow these steps to start creating a great plan:Before you can sell internationally, here is what eBay requires :. If you meet all of these criteria, then you can get a universal user ID and begin your journey to international selling.

Your first step in expanding overseas is being able to ship your products. You have a few options here:.

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This is easy, of course, and there are buyers in countries all over the globe that access U. Your other option is to place your listings on any of the 23 international sites that eBay currently has. In this case, you will need to think about translation and localization of your product listings and descriptions, as well as all of the little housekeeping issues, such as currencies. You would do well to find a professional translation service to help with this project, but you can find one on Pick Writers , a translation agency review service that can point you in the right direction.

When you make your first international sale, eBay will require that you sign the International Selling Agreement. This document includes such things as details about payments, refund or exchange policies, and other guarantees for your customers. You need to study all of the details of this agreement here. If you ship on your own, however, you will need to find a third-party insurer, and there are plenty. Be warned. Act now. You have a lot of replies here, alot must come from Ebay HQ, saying how wonderful the company is.

How to Ship International on Ebay Step-by-Step Directions

One of the worst companies i have ever dealt with. Ha give me a break! Here is a little preview of what it would be like to open your own website store… crickets chirping…. Yeah, considering advertisement costs, Ebay is just fine. Use them, but you should have other methods of sales, especially your own website.

Amazon can come in handy also. You have to consider the cost of advertisement and consider Ebay as an advertiser. It costs close to the same when using Google ads for each sale. I am sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case. I completely understand your disappointment. After looking into your inquiry, I feel we could best resolve this concern for you over the phone. This way, you can speak to our live customer support team who can ensure we resolve this concern to your satisfaction.

I realize that, at this point, asking you to contact us again would be disappointing; however, we really feel that the best way to assist you with this concern is over the phone. Once I got to the page it told me you wont call my country..!!!??!!!! On top of that the page gave a number for me to call Amazon… which of course does not work at all..!!! You would think that if someone at Amazon was going to write up a reply page… that ONE they would get their facts right and TWO that they would at least check that the phone number given would even work…!!

They claim to offer a refund bit of course after much frustration there is no way to even contact them by phone.. After reading all these posts I come to realize that eBay is just an entity with a set of rules they set forth to be able to use their services. It is up to the sellers to know these rules and if they cannot live with that, then go elsewhere.

There is no motivation or judgment on eBay when they suspend a seller. They are just a profit machine. Most of these seller probably did break a rule even unknowingly. I also know that eBay changes rules, but always sends out some acceptance of the new rules and if you do not agree or respond, they will shut you down, but then you made that decision and it was made for you.

So, give me some more whine with that cheese. And never got a sale. Donahoe has favored the Chinese sellers and big box retailers by deliberate design. The simple fact is the traffic is so hard to get and the way Google keeps changing their algorithms will never be able to be good at getting traffic unless you have a lot of money to spend a lot of time to be able to work on your website. Totally agree with tony, Russell and the others who point out that this is a one sided article.

And Google is just as likely to changes the rules as eBay. Everything costs. Give me a break. Unless you have extensive amounts of time to work on SEO or blogging, the Ebay or Etsy fees are not that bad.

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  7. Just my two cents. I would take this article with a grain of salt since the success of an E-Bay seller really depends on several different factors. Location, sourcing of items at the right price and quality of listings I think are the three most important factors that will be determine the outcome of your success for most individuals.

    Now, fees are part of any business — whether you pay E-Bay or a hosting company on your own website — fees are a harsh reality of creating your own business. Many people like myself would much rather focus on sourcing and taking care of the actual sales process than spending time, money and effort trying to drive customers to your site.

    Selling on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide for Online Retailers

    If I opened my own online store I would have to promote it and spend thousands to get it noticed and pay for a website. I sell my own art, so who am I competing with on price? No one. They either want it or they dont. So many things I disagree with this in this article. You are renting space from them for the traffic and exposure.

    192 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Start an Ebay Store”

    I am looking forward to reading your free course. I am needing to find a second job. I have a job I love courthouse court room clerk but I just want to be able to get extras for my family a lil fishing boat or take a vacation gasp! And save for retirement. Remember, Ebay gives you access to a huge potential customer pool and although most of them are looking for a bargain, if you have the right mixture of goods at reasonable prices which you should have in ANY business , the financial logistics are actually very good.

    Is the author really saying that the thousands of people who currently operate Ebay stores are misguided and could do better on their own? Proof please? I think a moch more solid strategy would be to open your own ecommerce store in tandem with an Ebay store so that as you begin to grow your customer base, you can educate them about your alternate sales channels. Total crap. You can have 2,, Then one day you wake up and boom.

    OK, what do you do next with 30, dollar merchandise? The only way and I repeat, the only way that eBay would shut you down the way that you are describing is if you were actually ripping people off.